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Racism/Discrimination Procedures to make a complaint



Any Participant, who offends, disparages, discriminates against or denigrates someone, or a group of persons, in a derogatory manner on account of ‘race’, skin colour, language, religion, ethnic and/or national origin(s) or sexual orientation, or perpetrates any other racist/discriminatory and/or contemptuous act, shall be subject to disciplinary sanction. The Disciplinary Committee shall consider and have the power to impose a suspension, fine and/or other sanction as deemed appropriate. In the case of individuals, the minimum suspension shall be for a period of five (5) matches.


Incident of racism or discrimination seen or heard by a referee are subject to sanction under the Laws of the Game (Law 12), which will be a red card, sending off”.


Please see out lined below the procedures that a player who is subjected to any of the above should take.

  1. Make the referee aware of the comments (If the referee was not near the incident) and highlight to him/her what was done or said and ask the referee to make note of the players Name and or Shirt number and time of the incident.
  2. Inform your club secretary after the game or at half time of the incident and ask him/her to request the referee to include this complaint in his match report.
  3. Write out everything that happened and sign it (An email from your personal account will suffice as signature) and get your secretary to submit your statement to the league with the complaint from the club.
  4. If any of your team witnessed the incident, ask them to also make a statement and to forward it to your club secretary. 
  5. The league on receipt of this information will launch a formal investigation regarding your complaint.

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