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LFA Competition Dates 2015-16

Entry forms for LFA Junior Cup, Shield and LFA U19 cup are now available under Documents above.


Closing date for Junior Cup/Junior Shield/Youth Cup: September 1st 2015

Closing date for Under Nineteen / Over Thirty Five: September 30th



LFA Senior Cup First Round:                                August (pre season)

LFA Junior Cup First Round:                                19th/20th September

LFA Youth Cup First Round:                                 26th/27th September

LFA Senior Cup Second Round:                         September

LFA Junior Cup Second Round:                          3rd/4th  October

LFA Junior Shield First Round:                            17th/18th October

LFA Youth Cup Second Round:                          17th/18th October*

LFA Over Thirty Five Cup First Round:               17th/18th October

LFA Senior Cup Third Round:                              October

LFA Under Nineteen Cup First Round:               7th/8th November

LFA Junior Shield Second Round:                                  7th/8th November

LFA Junior Cup Third Round:                               14th/15th November

LFA Youth Cup Third Round:                               14th/15th November

LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Second Round:                     21st/22nd November

LFA Under Nineteen Cup Second Round                     28th/29th November

LFA Junior Shield Third Round:                           5th/6th December

LFA Junior Cup Fourth Round:                            12th/13th December 

LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Third Round               12th/13th December

LFA Under Nineteen Cup Third Round              19th/20th December


LFA Junior Cup Fifth Round:                                16th/17th January

LFA Youth Cup Fourth Round:                            23rd/24th January

LFA Junior Shield Fourth Round:                                    23rd/24th January

LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Quarter Final:             30th /31st Janauary

LFA Under Nineteen Cup Quarter Final:                        30th/31st January

LFA Senior Cup Fourth Round                            February (Nat League Pre Season)

LFA Junior Cup Sixth Round:                               13th/14th February

LFA Youth Cup Quarter Final:                              20th/21st February

LFA Senior Cup Quarter Final:                             February (Nat League Pre Season)

LFA Junior Shield Quarter Final:                          6th/7th February

LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Semi Final:                 20th/21st February

LFA Under Nineteen Cup Semi Final:                20th/21st Febryuary

LFA Youth Cup Semi Final:                                              12th/13th March

LFA Junior Shield Semi Final:                              12th/13th March

LFA Junior Cup Quarter Finals:                            19th/20th March

LFA Under Nineteen Cup Final:                           26th/27th March

LFA Over Thirty Five Cup Final:                           26th/27th March

LFA Senior Cup Semi Final:                                             April

LFA Junior Shield Final:                                        16th/17th April

LFA Junior Cup Semi Finals:                                            23rd/24th April

LFA Youth Cup Final:                                             23rd/24th April

LFA Junior Cup Final:                                            May 22nd

LFA Senior Cup Final:                                            May


(Dates subject to change based on weather/protests/appeals/international duty and teams involved in FAI competitions)


*denotes teams who have players involved in FAI Youth Inter Pro will not be expected to play in LFA Youth Cup on weekend of October 17th/18th

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